Debugging with webstorm

Here’s a quick tip debugging a nodejs express app

  1. Identify a line you want to debug, and click on its number, you should see a red dot. Eg I am interested to see the console.log of req.body method on the server side js
  2. Click the top left green ‘bug’
  3. Open your localhost:xxxx or refresh it if it was open
  4. Since, the method I want to see happening need to send the form, fill the form and hit send
  5. Observe the terminal and expand the req object to find the body method
  6. Upon clicking body you should get to see the console logged values that you filled in the form. In this case email and password

I would find time to read further on debugging nodejs app in chrome dev tools from Paul.




think&code. Also an occasional G(Foodie)OAT:

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Anna Ikoki

Anna Ikoki

think&code. Also an occasional G(Foodie)OAT:

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